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Best Sweatshirts And Hoodies For Sublimation 2023

Finding the best sweatshirts for sublimation is a crucial step when it comes to custom clothing printing. It can be tricky to figure out which hoodie will work best. That’s why I’ve put together a comparison of five different hoodie styles to help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

When it comes to sublimation printing, having high-quality sweatshirts is really important. The best hoodies are the ones that can keep their designs even after tough conditions like washing and sunlight exposure. But it’s hard to find hoodies that can do that these days.

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How Does Sublimation Work on Sweatshirts?

Understanding the process of sublimating hoodies and sweatshirts is quite straightforward. The key is to allow the sublimation ink to permeate the surface of your hoodies. The outcome is even more vibrant and long-lasting, especially when the hoodies are made from polyester materials.

Even cotton hoodies can undergo sublimation, but the results might not be as ideal. For accurate hoodie sublimation, it’s recommended to use materials that consist of 60% polyester and 40% cotton.

When sublimating a polyester hoodie, inserting a protective paper in the middle before pressing is common practice. This prevents the ink from bleeding through to the other side. The heat press machine is heated to around 388 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The design is carefully positioned on the hoodie, ensuring proper alignment. After placing protective paper over the design to shield the press, the heat press is closed for approximately 60 seconds.

Once the pressing is complete, the hoodie reveals the transferred design on the front. A central alignment method involving the shirt’s and pocket’s middle is often employed for accurate placement. This process results in a well-centered and professional-looking design on the hoodie.

Best sweatshirts for sublimation: Hanes EcoSmart sweatshirts

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  • Affordable option for sublimation
  • Balanced blend of polyester and cotton
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Hanes logo placement limits custom branding

The Hanes EcoSmart Sweatshirt emerges as the best sweatshirt for sublimation, offering an affordable yet high-quality option that secures its place as the 1st pick on our list of best sweatshirts for sublimation. Crafted by Hanes, a reputable manufacturer known for its comfortable and durable clothing.

This particular sweatshirt, bearing the model number P160, boasts a remarkable balance between affordability and quality. Ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly yet reliable choice, the Hanes EcoSmart Sweatshirt is constructed from a blend of two essential materials – polyester and cotton. The 50% polyester to 50% cotton ratio ensures a harmonious fusion of comfort and durability, which is crucial for any hoodie.

One distinguishing feature of the Hanes EcoSmart Sweatshirt is the placement of the Hanes logo or tags at the chest region. While this adds a touch of branding to the hoodie, it limits the available space for attaching private logos or custom images.

Primarily designed to provide warmth and fend off the cold, this sweatshirt maintains a slightly lighter weight than some of its counterparts. Despite its reduced weight, it effectively keeps the wearer cozy and comfortable, making it a suitable choice for cold nights.

The Hanes EcoSmart Sweatshirt follows American Standard sizes, making it universally wearable due to its stretchable nature. It offers flexibility and convenience for wearers of varying sizes. Additionally, with a range of 20 different color shades available, personal style preferences are easily accommodated.

Best hoodies for sublimation: Gildan Adult Fleece

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  • Exemplifies durability, comfort, and style
  • Practical pouch pocket for essentials
  • Tear-away label for customization
  • Offers multiple sublimation options for customization
  • No such cons mentioned

The Gildan Adult Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt, Style G18500, stands as the best hoodie for sublimation, epitomizing durability, comfort, and style—an essential addition to any wardrobe. Whether you’re socializing with friends or enjoying a cozy evening indoors, this hoodie offers the complete package, including an optimal canvas for showcasing your unique decorations.

Crafted with care, the Gildan Adult Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt, Style G18500 Multipack, boasts a balanced blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, ensuring a blend of supreme softness and enduring sturdiness. This combination provides a gentle touch against the skin and guarantees the hoodie’s longevity, making it a reliable companion for the long haul.

The hoodie features a classic fit and brushed interior to deliver an extra layer of warmth, ideal for those chillier days. With rib cuffs and a bottom band enhanced with spandex, this garment offers a flexible stretch and quick recovery, ensuring it moves comfortably.

Even in colder temperatures, the double-lined hood offers a cocoon of warmth, further enhanced by including a color-matched drawcord. This functional design element keeps you cozy and contributes to your overall aesthetic, ensuring you look your best wherever you venture.

Practicality is maintained through the pouch pocket, providing ample space to store your essentials on the go. The tear-away label adds a layer of customization, ensuring that your comfort is paramount. The spun air jet yarn construction not only aids in minimizing pilling but also delivers an overall softer feel.

For those eager to personalize their hoodie, a range of sublimation options are available, including DTG, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Heat Transfer, and Patches. Whether you choose to express yourself through intricate designs or simple accents, this hoodie adapts to your creativity.

Best women’s crewneck sweatshirts for sublimation: Hanes Crewneck

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  • EcoSmart mid-weight fabric for enduring designs
  • High-stitch density enhances durability
  • Longer length for added coverage and confidence
  • Available in various sizes for a comfortable fit
  • No such cons mentioned

Elevate your sublimation game with the Hanes Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirt, a premium choice that seamlessly blends style, comfort, and customization. This mid-weight pullover is designed to cater to your year-round needs and is the perfect choice for your creative expression.

Crafted from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this sweatshirt offers an optimal surface for sublimation printing. The EcoSmart mid-weight fabric, sourced from American farms, not only upholds ethical standards but also creates a receptive base for vivid and enduring designs. Whether you’re aiming for personalized patterns or intricate artwork, this sweatshirt can bring your vision to life.

Its thick fleece material enhances the sweatshirt’s plush and soft feel, ensuring lasting warmth and coziness. The high-stitch density reinforces its durability, while the classic silhouette and ribbed details at the collar, cuffs, and waistband offer a timeless aesthetic that stretches to provide comfort.

A longer length, sitting below your natural waistline, offers added coverage and confidence, whether you’re in the studio or embracing everyday activities. The tagless neck design minimizes distractions, enhancing your overall comfort.

Hanes takes pride in delivering quality, and this women’s sweatshirt is no exception. It’s designed to withstand the test of time, and its versatility is matched by its easy maintenance. Simply machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low settings to keep your creation looking its best.

The Hanes Women’s Crewneck Sweatshirt is available in various sizes, caters to different preferences, and ensures a comfortable fit for all. Whether you want to make a fashion statement, express your creativity, or stay cozy, this sweatshirt is your ultimate companion. Choose Hanes for a top-notch sublimation experience that combines style, sustainability, and comfort.

Best sweatshirt multi-pack for sublimation: Fruit of Loom Hoodie Multi-Pack

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  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Vibrant colors and aesthetic designs
  • Suitable for sublimation customization
  • No specific cons

Experience both comfort and versatility with the Fruit of the Loom Sofspun Hoodie, the top contender for the title of the best hoodie multi-pack for sublimation. Designed to combine lightweight wearability with vibrant customization options, this hoodie provides the perfect surface for your sublimation creations to shine.

Crafted by Fruit of the Loom, a reputable manufacturer known for quality, this hoodie comes in a lightweight design that weighs around 7 ounces. The easy-to-wear nature of this hoodie ensures comfort throughout your daily activities.

The inner region of the hoodie is soft and comfortable, providing a delightful wearing experience. The gray inner color complements a wide range of color choices, allowing you to create stunning designs that pop against the neutral backdrop.

The Fruit of the Loom Sofspun Hoodie stands out with its vibrant colors and aesthetic designs that catch the eye and leave a lasting impression. However, it’s important to note that some users have experienced shrinkage after washing, which can impact the fit and comfort.

The Fruit of the Loom Sofspun SF76R is an excellent choice for a lightweight, sporty hoodie suitable for sublimation. Its textured fabric adds a unique tactile element, enhancing its appeal. Utilizing this hoodie, you can create enduring personalized designs, establishing it as a versatile asset within your sublimation toolkit.

Best kids sweatshirt for sublimation: Amazon Essentials Boys and Toddlers’ Fleece

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  • Quality craftsmanship and trendy flair
  • Comfortable blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • Snug fit with rib-knit cuffs and cozy hem
  • Lightweight and well-proportioned design
  • No specific cons

Are you in search of the finest kids’ sweatshirt tailored for sublimation printing? Allow us to introduce you to the Amazon Essentials Boys and Toddlers’ Fleece Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirts – our unequivocal top selection. This hoodie encompasses everything you desire: quality craftsmanship, a trendy flair, and an ideal fabric for sublimated designs that burst with color and endurance.

Constructed from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this sweatshirt promises an exceptionally comfortable experience, catering to the demands of all-day play. Thanks to its brushed back fleece, it provides a soothing warmth and plush softness that youngsters adore. Boasting more than 10 captivating colors, you can effortlessly elevate your child’s wardrobe with a touch of personalization. And when it’s time to freshen it up, a simple toss into the washing machine does the trick.

Offering a relaxed fit, this hoodie becomes the companion of choice for exciting escapades or laid-back lounging. The presence of a lined hood, a practical front pocket, and raglan sleeves all contribute to its functional and stylish demeanor. Rib-knit cuffs and a hem designed for coziness ensure a snug embrace, while meticulous top stitching brings a polished finish to the design.

Measured at 14.92 x 11.89 x 2.56 inches and weighing a mere 8.47 ounces, this hoodie’s proportions strike a harmonious balance, providing an impeccable fit without the bulk. Amazon Essentials is renowned for understanding the needs of kids, masterfully blending top-notch quality and delightful comfort.

Should you find yourself on the quest for kids’ hoodies that seamlessly align with sublimation requirements, look no further. The Amazon Essentials Boys and Toddlers’ Fleece Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirts take center stage as the quintessential synthesis of style and relaxation tailored exclusively for your young one.

Things To Consider For Sweatshirt Sublimation

Now that you’ve gained insights into the functions and features of these exceptional branded hoodies, our buying guide will steer you toward making informed purchases. We’ll outline some of the standout features of these hoodies, encouraging you to explore their qualities firsthand.


When considering any product, pricing is a pivotal aspect. The hoodies featured on the list come in a remarkably affordable range, spanning approximately $20 to $50. This affordability renders them an attractive option for procurement, especially given their potential for sublimation. Investing in these hoodies can play a significant role in your sublimation success.


To thrive in the sublimation industry, you need products that can seamlessly undergo sublimation processes. In this regard, these hoodies stand out as an excellent choice, predominantly crafted from polyester materials. Polyester’s inherent capability to create chemical bonds with incoming sublimation inks ensures optimal outcomes, justifying your investment in these sublimation-friendly hoodies.


A fundamental customer requirement is comfort, and the hoodies featured in the list excel in this department. With soft materials both inside and out, these hoodies provide unparalleled comfort and ease to wearers. This intrinsic comfort not only enhances their popularity but also significantly drives demand. Thus, these hoodies serve as valuable assets for propelling your sublimation business.

What to Look For When Choosing The Best Hoodies and Sweatshirts for Sublimation

When it comes to selecting the perfect sweatshirt for sublimation, three critical factors deserve your attention:

The Type of Fabric

The choice of fabric is paramount when considering sweatshirts for sublimation. The two primary types of fabrics used are polyester and cotton. Polyester stands out as the superior choice for sublimation printing due to its smooth surface that facilitates optimal ink transfer. On the other hand, while cotton sweatshirts can also be utilized for sublimation, the results tend to be less impressive than with polyester. The inherent nature of cotton’s textured surface doesn’t allow the ink to adhere as effectively, often resulting in prints of lower quality.

The Weight of the Fabric

Fabric weight plays a significant role in sublimation. Sweatshirts suitable for sublimation are typically constructed from lightweight fabrics like jerseys or interlock. These materials are ideal because the sublimation process thrives on light to medium-weight fabrics. Conversely, heavier fabrics such as denim or twill are ill-suited for sublimation, as the ink struggles to adhere properly to their surfaces, leading to subpar results.

The Fit of the Garment

A well-fitting sweatshirt is crucial in achieving successful sublimation prints. Sublimation designs can be expansive, and avoiding cutting them off at the edges due to an improper fit is essential. Additionally, too-small sweatshirts can distort the print when stretched during the sublimation process.


There is a wide range of contenders for the best hoodies and sweatshirts for sublimation, you just need to select the right one based on color and size options. These hoodies are not only crafted from high-quality materials but also boast eye-catching designs and vibrant colors that are bound to captivate attention. The primary aim of this article has been to provide insights into the top-notch branded hoodies that offer seamless and profitable sublimation capabilities. With this valuable information, it’s time to seize the opportunity and embark on your sublimation journey using these expertly crafted hoodies. Don’t hesitate – step into the world of sublimation with confidence and style by leveraging these exceptional choices.

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