Best Heat Press Machine For Sublimation

Best Heat Press Machine For Sublimation 2023

If you’re no stranger to the crafting world, particularly in T-shirt design, the term “heat press machines” likely rings a bell. These ingenious devices are designed to simplify your creative process by allowing you to effortlessly transfer your painstakingly crafted designs directly onto an array of fabrics. Well, the best heat press machines also include those for mugs, tumblers, plates, and several other sublimation areas.

In most instances, the canvas for your heat press endeavors will be fabric—a stylish T-shirt, a chic tote bag, or an elegant tablecloth—each ready to bear the imprint of your imaginative designs. A heat press machine lives up to its name by combining heat and pressure to embed your sublimation print onto a blank canvas.

Gone are the days when aspiring T-shirt entrepreneurs relied on a humble household appliance—the iron—to transfer designs onto fabric. These rudimentary old methods work, however, they also come with several limitations. A lack of precise heat control often results in less-than-perfect outcomes for sublimation design.

Today’s machines require nothing more than selecting a suitable temperature, allowing for preheating, and then applying the design to the desired surface. In certain models, the machine might even provide cues on when to release pressure, safeguarding the integrity of the printed design.

Cricut Autopress
  • Best for T-Shirts and other flat designs
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CALCA Mug Tumblers Press
  • Great for tumblers, mugs, and more
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F2C Heat Press Combo 5 in 1
  • Shirts, mugs, plates, caps, and more
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Sublimation Heat Press Machine Types

When selecting your ideal heat press machine, choosing a specific type is an essential step, albeit one that can induce confusion. Now you’ve bagged yourself the best sublimation printer, you are going to want a heat press to start printing those designs. Fear not, for we’re here to demystify this aspect with a comprehensive breakdown of the options available.

To navigate the multifaceted landscape of heat press machines, it’s pivotal to recognize that three prominent types are prevailing in the market. These categories encompass the clamshell, swing-away, and drawer-type heat press machines, each characterized by distinct features and applications.

The Clamshell Heat Press

Undoubtedly the most prevalent design, the clamshell heat press machine garners popularity for several compelling reasons. Boasting a compact footprint and user-friendly functionality, this model is particularly favored by beginners and small-scale businesses. The clamshell’s straightforward operation and sturdiness render it a practical choice, especially for those venturing into the craft domain.

However, amidst its advantages lie certain caveats that warrant attention. The clamshell design demands vigilant caution during operation, given the potential for burns and injuries due to its ultra-heated plate. Despite any potential drawbacks, the clamshell’s affordability and space-efficient nature make it an attractive starting point for novices.

The Swing-Away Heat Press

Transitioning to the swing-away design, we encounter a commendable contender emphasizing safety and precision. While it commands a higher price point and occupies more space, its enhanced security features are a compelling draw. Unlike the clamshell’s vertical lift, the swing-away’s lateral movement minimizes the risk of burns and accidents associated with maneuvering under a heated plate.

Furthermore, the swing-away’s construction ensures even pressure distribution, a crucial factor in preserving design integrity. This attribute translates to reduced instances of faulty designs, consequently economizing time and resources. Although its larger size may necessitate assistance for relocation, the swing-away’s efficiency in handling bulk orders and swift imprinting substantiates its utility for creative entrepreneurs.

The Drawer-Type Heat Press

Due to its impeccable safety standards, the drawer-type heat press machine emerges as a beloved favorite within the online community. Renowned for its accessibility and user-friendliness, this design obviates the risk of finger entrapment or burns associated with heated plates. Users can seamlessly place and customize fabrics without undue hazards by drawing out the lower plate akin to a drawer.

While the merits of the drawer-type design are apparent, it’s worth noting that quality options in this category are limited. Additionally, this design mandates adequate space for complete drawer extension, which should factor into your consideration. Some hybrid variations offer versatility by allowing drawer-type and swing-away functionalities, albeit at a higher cost.

Best Heat Press Machine For Sublimation: Cricut Autopress

Cricut Autopress- Professional Automated Heat Press for T-Shirts, Decor, Home-Friendly Design, Commercial-Level Capabilities, Large Ceramic-Coated Heat Plate, Time-Saving Features (15″ x 12″), White
  • OUR MOST ADVANCED HEAT PRESS — Get professional-grade results with Cricut Autopress, an automated heat press, featuring a large 15 in x 12 in (38 cm x 30 cm) ceramic-coated heat plate with edge-to-edge heat up to 400º F (205º C).
  • CONSISTENT, EFFORTLESS HEAT TRANSFER — Only Cricut Autopress has Zero Effort operation that lets you close the machine & engage the motor with just two fingers for perfect pressure every time.
  • OPTIMUM SAFETY & CONTROL — Dial in precise time & temperature and create one-touch presets with the control pod. Designed with extra-wide clearance, fan-assisted airflow, and auto-off, Cricut Autopress is perfect for projects in bulk.
  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE — Cricut Autopress is compatible with major brands of iron-on/HTV, Infusible Ink, and sublimation materials. Includes unique, nonslip silicone Cricut pressing mat to eliminate moisture and distribute heat
  • SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS — Cricut products conform with applicable product standards like UL, CSA, FCC, or IEC standards. Cricut products are also listed or certified Nationally Recognized Testing Labs (NRTLs) such as TUV & Intertek.
  • Professional results in a short time
  • User-friendly interface
  • Versatile temperature range
  • Compact and portable
  • Limited to flat objects

Leading the pack as the best heat transfer machine, the Cricut Autopress effortlessly marries the speed of a heat press with the user-friendly convenience of an iron. This machine guarantees professional iron-on outcomes in less than a minute, ideal for newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Boasting a 15″ x 12″ plate size, the Cricut Autopress caters to various project dimensions. Its advanced heat plate, complete with a ceramic coating, masterfully ensures uniform heat distribution—an essential feature for impeccable results. With a temperature range of 120° to 400°F (205°C), it accommodates various materials, providing versatility in crafting endeavors.

Its clear digital display and compact, portable design create a hassle-free crafting experience. Moreover, this intelligent machine integrates with the Cricut App, offering a seamless interface for sending temperature and time settings from your device to the press. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to achieve your desired outcome. However, it’s important to note that the Autopress’ capabilities are limited to flat objects, which might constrain your creative options.

Best Budget Heat Press: HTVRONT Heat Press

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Machine for T Shirts – Heat Press 15×15 with Auto Release – Heats Up Fast & Distribute Heat Evenly, Intelligent Heat Press Machines for HTV, Sublimation, Heat Transfer Projects
  • ✨Perfect Pressure Sense & Auto Heat Press✨ Our auto heat press machine greatly reduces the guesswork of pressure. After setting the temperature and time, the heat press 15×15 inches auto-determines the thickness of the item to be pressed, up to 1 inch thick, and control the optimum pressure. Meanwhile, this smart heat press machine for t shirts will auto-release the item after pressing. You don’t have to stare at the project, instead use this time to brew a cup of coffee or have fun with pets.
  • 🎯Heating Up Quickly & Evenly🎯 This heat press machine for t shirts combined with NTC thermistor technology and a dual-tube heating engine, it can heat up quickly in a short time, save your 30% waiting time. And precise control of the temperature at each position of the heating plate is the same, distributes heat evenly, there is enough heating capability for almost any projects. With our tshirt press machine both crafter or beginners can complete professional heat transfer projects!
  • 👕Big Size & Efficient Modes👕 With our auto 15X15″ shirt press, you can realize the heat pressing of “freeing hands”. This 15×15 heat press machine combines multiple practical modes: 4 fast modes, 2 customer-defined modes, helps you to locate the wanted parameters with one click. There is also an automatic mode, by clicking the “Auto” button, the shirt press machine will automatically heat press and release your clothes, perfect for small businesses that need to make batches.
  • ⏰Safety Use & Auto-Off Feature⏰ Our t shirt press adopts exclusive H-Cooling technology and multilayer heat insulation material for efficient dissipate heat when turned off. The placement plate is a drawer slide design, the side handle perfectly protects hands away from hot areas. Moreover, this auto heat press machines takes users’ safety with full concern. Our tshirt press will auto shut up if no operation after 10 minutes. No worries about overheating.
  • 💕Use Easily & Worry-Free💕 With our detailed instructions included, users can get into the groove easily and quickly. With FCC certificated, our auto press machine reaches the required safety standard in the USA. The warranty period of this t-shirt press machine is 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have any questions with HTVRONT auto 15×15 heat press, please feel free to contact us ASAP. We will try our best to solve your problems and provide you with a joyful experience.
  • Manual temperature adjustment
  • Good results with practice
  • Carrying handles enhance portability
  • Not as easy to use as Cricut

The HTVRONT Heat Press is a promising option for those seeking affordability without compromising performance. Designed with shirt and small bag designs in mind, this heat press presents a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t skimp on essential features.

Taking cues from the Cricut design, the HTVRONT Heat Press offers a similar aesthetic while providing a distinct advantage—manual temperature control. This feature allows for experimentation, which is ideal for crafters who prefer to tailor their temperature settings. While the HTVRONT has not been reviewed extensively, early impressions are positive.

Best Heat Press Machine For Large T-Shirts: PowerPress

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt, 15×15 Inch, Black
  • Teflon coated Heating Plate: 15×15 inch. Voltage: 110V. Power: 1400 W. Digital Control Board (Temperature Range: 32-455 F & Time Range: 0-999 s)
  • Removable Silicon Mat: The silicon mat is not glued on the bottom board. Advantages: Washable (Easy to clean after work) & Replaceable (Easy to replace with new mat). Please feel free to move or attach as you like.
  • Bottom handle: When the heating plate is closed with high temperature, the shape of the machine might change slightly. A bottom handle can then help you open the plate easily and safely.
  • Patented Design Control Chip: Makes the machine more powerful, more accurate and safer to control the temperature.
  • Replaceable Fuse: Protect machine from overheating and electric short.
  • Ample 15″x15″ heat plate
  • Efficient voltage and power capacity
  • Replaceable fuse for safety
  • Teflon-coated heating plate
  • LCD control board for precision
  • Limited to flat sublimation
  • Takes up a lot of countertop space compared to others

Suppose you’re searching for a reliable and efficient heat press machine designed specifically for large T-shirts. In that case, the 15″x 15″ Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine offers a cost-effective solution. This machine has features that ensure accurate and attractive heat transfers onto garments, making it an excellent choice for personal and small business use.

The Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine offers several key features that make it an excellent choice for your heat pressing needs. It comes with a brand new 15×15 heat plate, providing ample space for larger T-shirt designs. Operating at 110V with 1400W power, it delivers the necessary heat for high-quality transfers. Safety is a priority, as evidenced by the replaceable fuse that protects against overheating and electric short circuits. The Teflon-coated heating plate eliminates the need for an additional coated sheet, ensuring fabric safety while simplifying cleaning.

The LCD control board with digital temperature and time control allows precise adjustments, with a temperature range of 0-450°F and time settings from 0-999 seconds. A unique feature, the individual safety control chip, maintains the heat plate’s temperature stability for consistent and reliable results during transfers. The machine’s usage is straightforward, involving pressure adjustment, temperature, and time setting, garment placement, and pressing in four simple steps.

Best heat press for tumblers: CALCA 110V

CALCA Mug Tumblers Press Tumbler Heat Press Machine 20OZ Tumbler Sublimation DIY Mug Cup Heat Press Transfer for Straight Tumblers Mugs Diameter of 3″ to 9″
  • ✔ Mug Press Sublimation Machine is specially designed for heat transfer on the surface of the mug. Allow you to heat print custom designs onto mugs. It is widely used for advertising, gift purpose with artistic and applied effects.
  • ✔ Specification: Power: 500W. Voltage: 110V. Temp. System: Celsius & Fahrenheit. Temp. Range: 0-428℉, 0-220℃. Time Range: 0-999 Seconds. Mug Heater: CH1924.
  • ✔ Easy to use: It comes with 20OZ straight Cylindrical Mug Wrap Heating Mat . Suitable for 20oz skinny tumblers, straight mugs and tumblers with a diameter of 3″ (7.5 cm), and up to 9″ (23 cm) high. Arrives fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. Plug in and begin your DIY! This mug press is easy to operate, it is very suitable for beginners or proficient.
  • ✔ VERY IMPORTANT: The heating process of the machine is intermittent, and it is normal to cool down during transfer. The heat will be absorbed by the tumblers, so the temperature will drop instantaneously, but if you continue to heat it, the temperature will rise. We recommend that you put the cup in first, and then heat it up In addition,the heat press parameter should be P=80,AR=60,Cr=30,Pt=20,T=5
  • ✔ Certification: CE certificate & FCC certificate. Heat Press Machine is best for industrial, professional, small studio and personal use. Application: Suitable for 20oz skinny tumblers, straight mugs and tumblers with a diameter of 7 to 8cm, and up to 20.3cm high.
  • Affordable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy setup
  • Suitable for 20oz tumblers
  • Successful sublimation may take a few tries

The CALCA Tumbler Heat Press Machine is a versatile and user-friendly tool designed specifically for heat transferring designs onto tumblers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, this heat press machine offers a hassle-free experience, allowing you to personalize your favorite drinkware easily. Here are the key features and details of this product:

The CALCA 110V Tumbler Heat Press Machine, a versatile solution for efficiently transferring designs onto tumblers. Boasting 500 watts of power, this machine ensures effective heating to achieve high-quality results. Its adjustable time range, spanning from 0 to 999 seconds, offers customization to match your specific heat transfer needs. Built to last, the CALCA Tumbler Heat Press features a durable design that guarantees longevity and reliability. Its portable construction allows for easy movement and storage, adding to its convenience. Arriving fully assembled, this heat press machine eliminates the complexities of setup, making it an excellent choice, particularly for beginners. Additionally, its CE and FCC approval certificates signify its adherence to safety and quality standards, providing you with peace of mind regarding its performance and compliance.

This heat press machine caters to those who seek a straightforward and dependable solution for transferring designs onto tumblers. It is well-suited for crafting 20oz tumblers, providing consistent heat and precise results. The temperature can be adjusted within a range of 0–428°F, while the timer can be set between 0 and 999 seconds.

Best Compact Heat Press for Home: F2C PRO 5 IN 1 COMBO

F2C Heat Press Combo 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine, Digital Multifunctional Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine Swing Away 360 Degree Rotation for T Shirts, Mug, Hat, Plate, Cap, Pattern Printing, 12″x15″
  • 【Premium Quality】-With a 12 x 15 inches (38 x 30 cm) large heat platen to provide a large surface to transfer pattern onto aimed items ,perfect size for an at home crafter. The platen is covered by teflon coating to prevent scorching of transfers, and the bottom thickened silicone pad and sponge pad not only protect your vinyl or sublimation but also help the cloth more flat and even pressing due to its good elasticity, so as to make a great print effect
  • 【360 Degree Rotation & Full Range Pressure】-The swing arm is fully rotated 360 degrees and the slide out tray is designed on the bottom, allowing the heating element to move safely to the side, reducing the chance of accidental contact. With full range of pressure adjustment knobs, you can set the desired pressure according to the thickness of the various material. Multi-spring pressure plate with round shape allows the pressure to be distributed more evenly across the entire platen
  • 【Upgrade Dual Display】 -Digital control box can be set to the desired time and temperature (℉ and ℃ alternative) according to different materials. it stops heating when preset temperature is reached and sound alarm will be issued when time completed. Overload protector button will pop-up when the voltage is unstable or too high, can protect the control box as well as heat platen. Time Control: 0-999 seconds, Temperature Range: 200-450 °F(95-232 °C., Power: 1100 W
  • 【Package Includes】-This 5 in 1 fully-assembled machine with platen press;Mug Press:3″-3.5″ (11 oz) ; Hat/Cap Press 6″x3″(curved); Plate Press #1: 5″ max diameter, Plate Press #2: 6″ max diameter; 1 x User Manual. Comes with all the accessories, widely used for hats, caps, t-shirt, mugs, plates, Cotton, linen, acrylic, silk, thin aluminum plate, plastic, etc. Note: You will get 2 year warranty, so any problem, feel free to contact us!
  • NOTE: We do advise to read the very simple operations manual before setting up your temperature and time settings.The press is already set to have a fair amount of pressure on the press, so it is generally unnecessary to set additional pressure. Pressure should be firm, but not hard. Before using, let the iron get up to temperature and wait 15 minutes for the entire element to heat evenly
  • Swing-away design
  • Comprehensive 5-in-1 package
  • LED temperature and time control
  • Large 12×15″ heat plate
  • Relatively heavier weight (45.8 pounds

The F2C PRO 5 IN 1 COMBO HEAT PRESS MACHINE is a versatile, space-saving solution designed to meet your home-based heat press needs. With its convenient features and comprehensive package, this heat press machine offers the perfect blend of functionality and ease of use.

The F2C Pro sublimation heat press features a swing-away design that rotates 360 degrees. This design enhances safety during operation by moving the heat plate aside and preventing accidental contact, ensuring a worry-free crafting experience.

The heat plate measures 12 by 15 inches, providing ample space for pressing t-shirts and other items of various sizes. The expansive heat plate minimizes restrictions during the crafting process, ensuring your creativity knows no bounds.

This sublimation heat press offers both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, allowing you to work with temperature units that you’re comfortable with. The adjustable pressure knob enables you to tailor the pressure based on the material’s thickness, ensuring precise and consistent results. The heat plate heats quickly and maintains uniform heat distribution for optimal transfers.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sublimation Heat Press

When you’re trying to pick the best heat press machine from the options I’ve listed, there are some important things to remember. It would be best to consider how you’ll use the machine. These heat press machines are different – some are made for people who enjoy crafting as a hobby, while others are big and great for small studios or professionals. Some models fit in between. But no matter your choice, they will all help you make the most of the best t-shirts for sublimation, bags, and more.

To make the most out of these awesome heat press machines, it’s a good idea to use them with a craft cutting machine. In our guides, you can learn about the best Cricut machines and Brother ScanNCut machines to help you decide which is right. We also have an article about how you can make money using Cricut – it talks about how these heat press machines and craft tools can support your business or bring in extra money. Once you have chosen the perfect heat press machine for your crafts, dont forget to check out the best sublimation heat press settings.

Difference In Heat Printing And Screen Printing

There is much talk about heat press machines and screen printing and which is better. We want to help you understand their differences so you can decide which is right for you.

Both heat press and screen printing lead to the same result – putting your design on fabric. But they are very different, so it’s not easy to compare them directly.

The best choice depends on what you need. Screen printing is more expensive but very high quality. It’s great for things that need to last a long time. Screen printing uses a mesh that takes time and skill to make. It’s worth it if you have many orders.

Screen printing adds colors layer by layer, which takes a long time, especially for complex designs. Plus, the paint needs time to dry. It would help if you also had a lot of space and skill to do screen printing right.

Heat pressing is easier. You design something on your computer and print it out. Then, you use a heat press machine to press the design onto the fabric. No special skill is needed. You can use many colors and even realistic images. It’s quick and easy to do.

If you want to make money fast and you’re not a master artist, use a heat press machine. Just design, press, and you have a custom shirt!


Choosing the right heat press machine for your crafting needs requires careful consideration of various factors. Each machine offers unique features that cater to different preferences and requirements, from ease of use to quality results. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for a budget-friendly option, a professional seeking precision and versatility, or a home crafter needing space-saving solutions, the market offers a range of heat press machines to suit your endeavors.

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