Talk to a Codger
Talk to a codger.
Letterpress is not like other printing.

Some younger folks (like those under 55) may not be completely confident planning and working with letterpress. We can relate, having used our first emoji just last week. Spot color printing, where ink is mixed to match your colors, is very different from offset lithography and digital printing, and worlds apart all those ghastly online images.

There are other quirky and unique aspects to letterpress production to consider too. These things give letterpress its special look and feel. We can help you deal with it all, from paper selection to suggestions on bindery and finishing techniques.

Chat about your project with a real old man.

Not surprisingly, Cranky Pressman likes to talk about the past. The good old days of letterpress are here now and ready to bring your creative efforts to life.

At the bottom right of this website you will see a link to chat in real time with the old-timer. Give it a good click and the crusty fellow will answer any question you have. He’s ready to bore you with all the details needed to make your letterpress job a rip-roaring success.

Us old folks do need to sleep now and then.

Please note, we operate a skeletal staff here in Crankyville, and there may be times when the live chat is unavailable. If so, please try again another time. Or of course, if we are away napping, you can always email us with questions or send an online RFQ form with your project details.

Staunchly dedicated to letterpress production.