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I’ve been using their service for all of my sublimation printing needs and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The colors are so vibrant and the images come out crystal clear. I’ve been using their sublimation printing service to make custom mugs and tumbles for my business and they have been a hit with my customers. The quality of the products is top-notch and the customer service is fantastic. I highly recommend for anyone looking to start or expand their sublimation printing business.”
Becky Swift
Tuscan, AZ

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Expected CAGR at 16.8% in 2018-2028, the dye sublimation market is rapidly spreading its wings globally. Thus, providing you the opportunity to step your unique foot in this industry. However, it’s unwise to start your business or hone your printing abilities without essential training in sublimation. From the right temperature setting to filling the inks correctly, you’ve to master the minutest things to produce your desired result. Moreover, it’s essential to choose functional and high-quality printers and blanks for a long-lasting shelf life of your products.

Mark Wilson- mentor of the downloadable sublimation course, understands the basic struggles you may face while carrying out the entire process of sublimation printing. Therefore, he has created a gateway to share his expertise with you through various tutorial blogs and basic+advanced courses. Everyone needs a kickstart to start their business or improve their skills. We’re here to offer you in-depth knowledge to help you turn plain sublimation blanks into personalized products.

Let Cranky Press Man Train You: 

We’re a one-stop solution for your sublimation printing training. Besides, our blogs and tutorials, our courses offer:

  • A-to-Z on sublimation printing basics
  • Printer set-up guidance
  • Ink advice
  • Pressure & heating process
  • After printing operations
  • Create personalized gifts, and promotional items or sell your own designs.
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