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Hi! I am Mark Wilson.
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Mark Wilson is a dedicated individual who’s a dynamic sublimation expert, willing to assist you through Cranky Press Man in upskilling and starting your sublimation business.

Mark started his journey with few resources to support his sublimation printing training. Through numerous failures and roadblocks, he has gathered the experience of 5 years to share his knowledge with you.

Moreover, he’s been consistent over the period of time to hone the art of
sublimation while being a leader of his own. He’s a trustworthy professional who has chosen the path to help others discover the joys and benefits of this fantastic craft.

Because of his desire to train various individuals and expand the sublimation market, he’s one of the contributors to the rising sublimation market where professionals keep innovating. If you’re wondering what motivates Mark to keep working, it’s his will to keep learning which enables him to maintain his position in the market.

From housewives to aspiring crafters, everyone can learn the unique techniques and tools required for sublimation. As well as being a creative and enjoyable hobby, Mark believes that sublimation printing is an excellent way to turn your thoughts and concepts into beautiful, practical products.

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For instance, today, dye-sublimation printing is quickly gaining popularity among printers of promotional products since it can be used on a number of products, such as cloth and rigid materials. So, improvements have been made to print heads, design, and other production-enhancing components. Mark is up-to-date to understand recent market trends, incorporate them, and teach you too.

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

Crankypressman.com is the best place to find the information and resources you need. So, whether you’re a skilled crafts person seeking to improve your skills or a beginner who’s just starting to learn about the world of sublimation printing, you can browse our website to learn more about sublimation printing and enroll in our course.

Sublimation printing is simple to learn which offers huge scope for your business’s expansion or skill development. Here, you can understand everything about sublimation printers, sublimation blanks, printer temperatures, sublimation inks, and more. You can understand the scope of the longevity of products and maintain their aesthetics. Further, you can use our training to enter the dye sublimation market, which is set to grow gradually while providing new opportunities.

You can use your creative ideas to produce vibrant and distinctive products like mugs, t-shirts, keychains, pillows, awards, and more. Besides, you can add your uniqueness to industries like education, healthcare, apparel, businesses, and others, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Cranky Press Man isn’t cranky while lending a helping hand to you. We’re here to provide affordable assistance through Mark’s in-depth courses and free blogs+tutorials. So, it’s time to ignite the student in you and transform the ideas into functional products by learning everything about sublimation printing.