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Type -O- Rama Letterpress Print


These prints were created for a graphic arts trade show we were taking part in. They are for anyone who loves type. It’s a Type -O- Rama!

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Print Details

  • An edition of 12 of these prints was made.
  • Print Size 13″x10″, Image Area 9″x6.5″
  • Paper Stock, White 110 lb. Uncoated
  • Hand-set with vintage wood type
  • 3-Color Print

There is a subtle variation in the orange ink color. The green ink has a more noticeable gradation from a bright green to more of a yellow-green. These color effects were intentional. Because of the nature of hand-rolling of ink, there are some differences from print to print in this edition but overall they are pretty consistent and I like all of the prints that were selected for the edition.

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10.5 × 0.25 in

About the print:

The art studio side of our print shop is well stocked with lead and wood type. When composing hand-set type you are limited to what is available. In other words, there are not thousands of different fonts as you might have on your damn computer, more like 50 or 60.

You make due. That’s how it works.

I wanted somewhat of a mix-and-match look for this print. After all, it is a Type-O-Rama. The two typefaces I liked best were not large. They are actually 12-Line, or 2″ in height.

For this reason, this print is not huge in size and is more of a mini-poster. But the flashy ink-job brings plenty of razzmatazz to the Type-O-Rama!

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