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Anyone can have a business card. Bigshots have business boards. Each card is about the thickness of a quarter. You won’t fit many of these in your wallet. But what you do get with board is a substrate that is more than thick enough for 2-sided designs. Folks are impressed when you hand them a heavy duty card made of Stocky Weights.

Process Blanks Stock

Process Blanks

Process Blanks board is a commercial grade material, pale gray gray with a thick core that is the same color as the outer surfaces. You can clearly see the edges on board stock which is a big part of the appeal.  It is a hard stock so does not give you a massive bite impression with every design, especially not those with large areas of overall coverage. Great for 2-sided pieces and very nice to hold in your hand. 100% recycled .056 board weight.

A couple of years ago we sourced a new house Process Blanks stock and it is much prettier, brighter and smoother than the old board that is pictured above. We will update the images soon. In the meantime this would be a good opportunity to order our Swatch Book and see all our house stock in the flesh so to speak.

Graphic Coverboard Stock

Graphic Coverboard

Our Graphic Coverboard is warm gray and contains lots of bitty flecks you can see. This of course is what makes it attractive. It is a commercial grade board generally used as the inner material on hard cover books and hardcore packaging applications but makes for creative business cards and other presentation pieces. The surface rough. You won’t print pretty pictures on this stock but who wants to? 100% recycled .059 board weight.

New to the Stocky Weight range!

Cranky has kindly added two stocks to the Stocky Weight boards. We now keep in stock a Black Solid Chip .080 board. This has the same limitations as our house Black but is one mean looking material. It is not a timid looking choice.

Our house Coaster Board is not just used for holding your highball, we often recommend and use Coaster Board to great effect on business cards and other showpiece card designs. It is a 60 pt. board weight the slightly fluffy surface goes well with letterpress.

We will photograph and post these two additions to the line soon.