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Letterpress printed and edged business cards

How times have changed when it comes to schlepping one’s wares around town. Printed specimens have always been a crucial part of a printer’s sales toolkit. In the olden days we would haul a folio stuffed with samples to prospective customers. They would then rifle through it while slopping their lunch on the work. It was a small price to pay if it landed new business.

Now of course everything is digitized, even printing portfolios. This is our first official online portfolio. For years we have displayed our work on flickr which has suited our needs well. This new portfolio page will become the main showcase for projects we’ve completed. Flickr and Instagram will be used for sociable image sharing.

Take a peep at some of our business card productions below. Other types of letterpress printed projects such as coasters, invitations and such will be added soon.

If you are like me though, and prefer your specimens with real paper fiber goodness and that fresh ink smell, give us a call or drop us a line. We will diligently send you the goods straight away.

Cranky’s Choices Business Card Samples

These business cards all use one of our Cranky’s Choices house stocks. More information, prices and online ordering of Cranky’s Choices business cards can be found here.

Lettra 110# Business Card Samples

Below are a few examples of business cards letterpress printed on Lettra cotton stock in 110# cover weight. Lettra cards can be ordered now online here. Or as always, you can call to discuss your project.

Lettra 220# Business Card Samples

Double weight Lettra cotton beauties. Often recommended and used for 2-sided productions. Online ordering coming soon so please call or email for a quote.

Stocky Weights Business Card Samples

Heavy weight industrial grade business cards produced on our Stocky Weights board stocks. Online ordering coming soon. In the meantime as usual just give us a shout for a quote.

Letterpress & Die-cut Coasters

Letterpress coasters have been a thing around here for a long time. Not because we are big drinkers (never during shop hours), but seeing as we introduced this handy dandy line of house coaster die shapes some time ago:

12 Coaster Shapes

Use any of our 12 house shapes shown above and there is no fee to make the cutting-die. Of course we are often called upon for custom die shapes and can whip up your own special crazy shape for an additional fee.

The old cranky-pot has a range of coaster board weights to choose from too. Select from 24 pt. single-ply, 48 pt. double-ply and a hefty 72 pt. for super-swanky needs.

Below is a small selection of coster projects we have produced for customers. We have more examples of coasters stashed around here somewhere. Leave me look. Oh here are some and leave me see, ah, here are some more.

More attractive samples and excruciating details about coasters coming soon. You just might need a drink (and some coasters) after so much blather!

Letterpress coasters hit the spot at events and make excellent promotional vehicles. Contact us for a quote on your coaster ideas.

Stop back soon to see more of our work samples.