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Well, the damn virus certainly put a kibosh on business as usual, at least for a while.

Networking events – Mmm, probably not happening soon.

A firm handshake – Best to forgo for a bit longer.

But business will return in some form or another. And classic business cards could be a welcomed first step.

Right now you may need to exchange cards outdoors and with outstretched arms. But there are other ways to hand them out.

Sending a product sample or sales materials to a new prospect? Slip a business card into the package.

Got a hot lead while on the Zoom? Get an address and mail a personal note and business card.

Letterpress business cards stand out and make a great first impression. They are sort of like the handshake but without all that clicking, pointing and sliding of the palms as you young business folks like to do!

Get prices and order online.

Cranky Pressman currently has a small selection of business card letterpress printing ready for easy online ordering.

They include Cranky’s Choices which gives you the choice of 5 different paper stocks.

Or, Lettra 100% cotton stock in single-ply and double-ply, both available in 2 different paper colors.

All the business cards have various ink color and quantity options to select from.

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