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These days you can get stock anything. Stock photos, stock illustrations, stock footage, even stock layouts for crying out loud. Call us old-fashioned but we believe there is only one kind of stock that truly showcases one’s talents and that’s the paper kind.

Cranky Pressman has other thoughts on stock too. To keep our letterpress prices prudent, we offer a range of standard ‘house’ stocks for our customers to hem and haw over. They are in-shop and ready to work with should they suit your project.

However, if your design calls for a non-stock stock, we can source those as well. Because one thing our house stock should never do is stifle creativity.

This is what we call Xx!#*! stock

Check out our 3 ranges of house stocks:

Crankys Choice Range

Cranky’s Choices

Our basic range of house stock was chosen with the designer and environment in mind. Cranky’s Choices include three selections made with 100% recycled materials, a bright white sheet, plus black and chipboard to display your creativity in ways offset or digital printing just can’t match.

Lettra Range

Lettra Line

Lettra was designed specifically for letterpress by Crane & Company. Made with 100% recovered cotton fiber and no surface sizing, Lettra brings the look of handmade paper to a machine-made commercial sheet which is ideal for a bite impression. No wonder this is one of our most popular house stocks.

Stocky Weights Range

Stocky Weights

Thick and heavy, here’s a stock that can be hit hard with no impression showing through to the opposite side. Not pretty or fancy but damn spiffy none the less. Back in the day you would find this used as backing board on layout pads but today even they’ve gone all limp. Stocky Weights are not intended for lightweight designs.