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Apologies if we sometimes drone on a bit. Us old-timers like to talk about traditional letterpress print. Please understand though, we don’t do this just because we like the sound of our own voices (even though the gravelly tones are quite alluring). No, most of our shop talk is intended to help customers get the very best results from their printing production.

We also hold the somewhat outdated belief that understanding the professional tools and medium one is working with is an important part of the job. And, despite our less than cuddly looks, the Cranky old fellow is here to help.

Not big on BS but terminology is an important tool of the trade.

Over the next several months we will be featuring this series. We’ll be talking letterpress, printing production and creative use of the medium. Photographic samples of finished work will also be posted to illustrate the points we are belaboring.

Please peek in now and then if you are interested.

We will delve into relief printing, spot color, techniques such as die-cutting and foil stamping plus many other tedious subjects that only us graphics goofballs can truly appreciate (and hopefully learn from).

Words never go out of style.

Language is a crucial element of graphic design. We do hope you get in touch to talk about your letterpress project.

You might not understand some of the antiquated words that come from our yap trap but we hope the information helps!

In case you are curious…



Not lined up or arranged correctly.
askew; awry; kitty-corner

The term originates from the four-dotted side of a playing die. It was known as a cater from the French quatre “four”. The arrangement of the four dots creates a rather interesting diagonal visual effect. The word eventually came to mean “to place, move, or cross diagonally.”

When it comes to a design project cattywampus can be good or not so good. Arranging elements in a cattywampus or higgledy-piggledy manner can create an intriguing look in some graphic designs. On the other hand, it’s usually not desirable if your entire project goes cattywampus.

This is why good planning and communication between a designer and printer is important.



Something not worth considering.


rubbish; nonsense; bunk

If you send us your ideas and design and there is something that may not reproduce as we think you are intending, we will tell you and help you come up with a solution. We may even use a gentler term than “that’s horsefeathers” to point this out to you.

Where this word originated is not perfectly clear and probably a rather delicate subject we won’t discuss here. I personally believe the origin may have literally come from the horse’s behind. Who knows, but it seems very apparent that often times the horsefeathers you hear comes from a true horse’s ass.



A fussy or needlessly fault-finding person.

This is an Americanism from the early 20th Century. The word has other variations including fusebox and fusspot.

A fussy old stickler of details just may be the type of person you want working on your printing project and likewise the best type of pressman to have on your job.

Unfortunately, some grumbling and whining may come with the fussbudget personality and we apologize for any rude language.

Part 2 Coming Soon
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