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Grumpy Old Man Sign

All sorts of construction going on.

As if rebuilding this damn website was not enough work, we are also working on another big construction project. Cranky Pressman is preparing and will soon be moving to a new shop space.

The new building is just a a couple of blocks down the street from our current location where the printing shop has been since the 1950s.

The short distance of the move is literally outweighed by the bulk and awkwardness of the old letterpress and bindery equipment to be lugged. Nothing like a backbreaking task to keep the crews occupied and out of trouble.

In a former life the building was an automotive store (shown above in the 1930s). Exterior and interior work is being done for the new Cranky Pressman facilities.

New larger space will give us room for improvements and enhancements to our inky offerings. These will include:

Separate letterpress production and ‘art studio’ workshops.

This will keep our pressmen from daydreaming of their extracurricular creative endeavors while on the job. Also, workshop students will be out of harms way and machines they are not qualified to operate.

Retail, gallery and meeting spaces.

If someone must endure a boring meeting, they will be able to dull the pain with the purchase a cheap art trinket on their way out.

New additions to the old equipment list to include:

Large-format Heidelberg 13’x18” Windmill Letterpress. 
Beating our current 10”x15” models and the capabilities of most other shops.

Ludlow Hot Typesetting Machine. 
Slugs of metal type cast in entire lines, for more custom handset projects, without all the tedious hand-setting.

Plus, as the old advertising hack used to say, much, much more.

Plenty to do around here as you can see. Time to get back to it.