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Old equipment. Antique operators.

Cranky Pressman is no charming artisan studio. Meet the grizzled production professionals who toil over your jobs.


Keith Berger has been the Shop Proprietor for what surely must to him feel like an eternity. So he’s the geezer you might find asleep in the corner should you walk in at the wrong time.

Keith really is old. In fact, older than most of the archaic looking machinery he’s amassed around the place.

Besides hoarding, he’s usually quoting, heading up production and basically pissed-off to find himself stuck in a modern world he does not fully understand.

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Jason Vaughn is not old. However, should he decide to stay with the company, he surely will turn out as jaded as the rest of them.

Actually, being prematurely gray, Jason looks more like the old boy in the company’s logo than any of the other Cranky crew members.

But Jason is well-liked. He’s a true artist and printmaking craftsman who the shop owners happily overwork and underpay.


Jamie Berger is by far the oldest and the odd one of the bunch. A fastidious old bore, the truth is, Jamie prefers not to get his hands dirty if he can help it.

He is the pencil-pushing head of creative who the others bitch and moan about under the clanking noise of their machines.

Jamie has been known to play around with the craft presses, dabbling in so called ‘art printing’. Be assured though, he only does this occasionally and just for show to give the illusion he’s one of the guys.

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Industrial-Grade Cloth Business Cards

About this project and substrate.

Letterpress printed on a 22 mil Jeans Label Cloth Stock.

Crumple, mangle, wash, shove in your pocket or whatever. These are hardworking business cards not intended for bankers, lawyers and such.

We’ve bound the team into a handy sewn-stitched booklet with pin-perforation that allows the individual cards to be torn out and shared.


Put it and us to work.

Cranky Pressman has this substrate in stock and ready to use for your design projects. It is a unique material, the same as what you find on the waist of your Levi’s except our supply is a natural white color.

Use this stock for individual business card sets, labels, booklets or any way you can devise. It’s very unlikely you will find it at a boutique printing shop.

Design and typography by the good folks at Moniker.