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Same Old Site

Being letterpress printers, we don’t care too much for change.

Welcome to our new website. We are pleased to say that it is almost exactly like our old website, only now with added responsiveness. Whatever that means.

We were just starting to get used to the whole idea of a worldwide web and then Google goes and throws a wrench into the works. Apparently everyone nowadays looks at the internet on their telephones. I suppose I should check into this.

Part of the new website (actually most of it) is still being built. The plan is to soon introduce enhanced online ordering capabilities. We have long envisioned a place in the digital ether space where people can easily order their most basic letterpress printed items.

In case anyone noticed, our old online store has been closed down and a new space is being cobbled together right here.

Our Cranky’s Choices range of custom letterpress business card printing is available in the online Letterpress Shop right now. As are the custom inspector stamps. We appreciate you ordering your mini rubber stamps through the online dispensary.

Back when we first looked into the concept of selling custom letterpress printing online, it was a difficult endeavor. 10 years later it looks much easier to pull off. This is one advantage of being slow off the mark. Eventually someone figures out these tricky issues for you if you wait long enough.

Our feeble digital correspondence will continue.

We will also be making a dedicated effort to posting more information to this blog. We may even make some of it vaguely useful or interesting for anyone who wants to learn more about working with letterpress or other old graphic techniques.

We hope you stop back again soon and check on the old folks to see how we are doing.

Best wishes,

Mr. C. Pressman