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Cranky Open House Location

Open House Event Information.

Google Maps Warning!

Please Note! The marker pin of our new letterpress shop street address and the venue of the upcoming hootenanny may be incorrect on your Google Maps. Anyone coming to the event should read the following information.

As you have probably noticed before, not all information on Google Maps is necessarily accurate. This is the case with our shop’s new street address, 451 East Pershing Street, Salem, Ohio 44460. If you enter this address on Google maps it will point you to an intersection a couple of blocks down the way.

Now, this may be fairly close and within walking distance of the correct location. However, it could be a tad annoying for anyone keen to get their first Friday beer down their neck as quickly as possible.

Google Cranky Pressman
or use Apple Maps
for correct location!

You are advised to Google Cranky Pressman instead of the address and then click on ‘Directions’ in the snazzy little box that the internet giants built for us. You will then be taken to a map that correctly shows our location, which is on the corner of Pershing and Lundy.

Cranky Pressman on Google

 Alternatively, use Apple Maps.

 Apple have won the battle of the dodgy electronic maps this time.

Our street address on Apple Maps here.

Or, try the custom Cranky map below.

These days, even gramps can be a nerd. The Google map below shows where to park (in the public parking lot across Lundy from our building behind the Faith Chapel Fellowship Church). It also has tips on where not to go, such as the Google Maps street address location or our old shop space which is now vacant.

Cranky Custom Neighborhood Map Here.

We look forward to seeing you!

I apologize for having to bring you all this dreadful information and would rather be talking about the exciting things lined up for the event. That post is coming soon, but first we wanted to make sure you arrive safely!

You can be sure that Google has been notified in rather harsh language about their careless mistake. I am sure they have a team of 20 year old executives working on the issue right now.

Location Details Again:

Below is the address link from our original party post. It correctly shows our location at the corner of E. Pershing St. and S. Lundy Ave.

Place: 451 East Pershing Street, Salem, OH 44460
Date: Friday Oct. 27th 2017, from 4 to 8pm.