Best Sublimation Paper in 2024: Best Paper for Custom Prints

If you are just starting to build up the materials needed for sublimation printing, I would advise you to prioritize getting the best sublimation paper. An essential in the process, sublimation paper is designed to release your sublimation ink onto your chosen substrate in the most effective way.

If you are a beginner to the world of sublimation printing, it can be hard to know what to buy, so I’ve put together this guide of the best paper choices on the market. Though they’re just my opinion, I think all of these make for a markedly higher standard of sublimation print, and are all worth the extra investment.

What sublimation paper should you use for the best results?

The A-sub 125 GSM is the ideal paper to use in an Epson or Sawgrass printer. It absorbs the colors very well and has a high transfer rate onto a wide variety of blanks like t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, wood, etc.

Best Sublimation Paper: At A Glance

Sublimation papers comparison

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Even though everyone likes a good mystery, it is better to be upfront while listing sublimation papers. Therefore, we shall start with a quick list and what each paper type is best for:

  • A-SUB sublimation paper: Great for Epson printers and Best Overall
  • Beaver TexPrint DT: Good for Sawgrass printers
  • HTVRONT sublimation paper: Superior in terms of printer compatibility
  • Hiipoo Sublimation paper: Ideal for fabric
  • Printers Jack sublimation paper: Ideal for a wide range of substrates

Now that you have the list, you can always go and check all of the brands of sublimation paper individually. Keep reading for further details on each sublimation paper pack. 

Best Sublimation Paper: A-SUB Sublimation Paper

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  • Offers an excellent transfer rate
  • Quick drying mechanism
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes and thickness choices
  • Some heavy paper and large sheets can be expensive. 

Starting from a competitive price point for the smallish 4” x 9.5” sheets, A-SUB’s line of sheets are highly competitive and – in my mind – the best sublimation paper set on the market today. With compatibility ranging from top-of-the-line sublimation printers through to Epson’s range of convertible printers, this paper is ideal for any situation.

As for the substrate, this paper works really well with blended fabrics, polyester, and polyamide. While the company urges you to try the same on hard substrate, I would recommend sticking to the fabrics for now, especially if you are a newbie. The ink-based compatibility is also extensive, with SawGrass Sublijet UHD, Hiipoo, and Cosmos ink variants working seamlessly with the same. 

You can choose from an extensive array of sizes such as 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, and 13” x 19”. Plus, there is an option to opt for the number of sheets you want to get for each size, with the stacks ranging between 110 to even 150 sheets per the preferred size. This makes your life easier in case you always follow highly specified printing instructions with a focus on size.

You can pick anything between 75 GSM to 140 GSM, depending on the substrate you are looking at. However, these paper sheets have a standard drying time of 60 to 120 seconds, which you must keep in mind for perfect design infusion. 

Do note that 75 GSM paper is the lightest and precisely meant for fabrics and faded images. You can use 90-100 GSM sheets for glass, metal, and even ceramic substrates.

All this makes for a fantastic set of sublimation paper options. And whilst your choices to get more expensive at the higher end, A-SUB remains the best sublimation paper manufacturer on the market

Best Sublimation Paper for Sawgrass Printers: Beaver TexPrint DT Heavy

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  • Works well with hard substrates like mouse pads, ceramics, and more
  • Quick-dry coating for faster absorption
  • Excellent transfer rate
  • Comes in a wide range of thicknesses (GSM) and sizes
  • It can be a bit more expensive compared to other paper sheets in the same category.

Beaver’s TexPrint lineup of sublimation paper sheets is definitely one of the market leaders. Today, I shall focus specifically on the Beaver TexPrint DT heavy paper stack, boasting 110 sheets and a sheet size of 11” x 17”. Boasting quick drying speeds and a range of alternative sizes, TexPrint paper is a top-notch line sublimation paper.

This paper stack works best with Sawgrass printers such as the Sawgress SG500. You can easily get your hands on sheets with basic weights ranging from 105 GSM to all the way up to 140 GSM. The 105 GSM and 115 GSM sheets are the most popular. Ink-wise, TexPrint DT works well with pigment-based and sublimation ink variants. As a professional, I would urge you to test the same with the likes of InkTec and Mutoh inks over anything else.

The TexPrint transfer paper is resistant to off-settings and smudging, which ensures top-notch printing. The transfer rate is anywhere between 95% to 98%, depending on the substrate you are using.  The coating dries up quickly and even keeps bleeding out of the question. It lacks a lot of tackiness, which can work well if you want something that’s peelable or rather removable.

It is more expensive, even at the cheaper end of the spectrum, than other contemporary sublimation paper ranges; but I think that this line of great sublimation paper is worth the extra cost!

Best Sublimation Paper for Vivid Colors: HTVRONT Sublimation Paper

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  • Excellent transfer rate
  • Excellent printer and substrate compatibility
  • No curling and bleeding
  • Higher chance of paper jam
  • Works best with HTVRONT ink

For highly detailed and vivid colors that transfer directly to your choice of t-shirt or other substrate, consider HTVRONT’s range of sublimation paper. Also known for their ink ranges, this brand delivers great quality with tremendous value for money.

You can own any inkjet printer, and this sublimation paper will work like a charm. I tested it with one of my all-time favorites — the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 — and everything, right from the print quality to the transfer rate, was impeccable. Do note that the HTVRONT sublimation paper works equally well with printers from HP, Canon, Epson, and more. 

Naturally, you can expect the best results with the  HTVRONT sublimation ink, especially if you plan on working with light-colored fabrics, including bags, t-shirts, and pillows. If you have any substrate where the cotton content is less than 30%, this paper type is the one to go with. Plus, the uniform 125 GSM basis weight makes the sheets acts like heavy paper, making it highly usesful for sublimation blanks other than fabric. 

One issue I did encounter was that the heavier paper did cause jams more frequently, which was frustrating to encounter. They’re still rare, but it was noticeable. I still recommend the HTVRONT sublimation paper, for tremendously vivid colors at a great price per page!

Best Sublimation Paper for Polyester: Hiipoo Sublimation Paper

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  • One of the best transfer rates
  • Affordable
  • Works with a wide range of printers and substrates
  • Some curling on occasion

I always recommend Hiipoo sublimation ink to people just starting out in sublimation, as I find it’s the best sublimation ink on the market. Whilst I don’t rate their range of sublimation paper quite so highly, it’s still ideal for common substrates such as polyester.

The variant that I choose comes with 110 sheets, each of 120GSM. Each sheet was 8.5” x 11”, making it useful for mugs and medium-sized t-shirts. As it is a 120 GSM paper type, the pressure and temperature requirement would be on the higher side. This would ensure that the ink transfer is optimal. The transfer efficiency of Hiipoo’s sublimation paper is close to 98%. This ensures that almost every bit of the ink gets infused with the substrate. The ink dries almost immediately after it gets out of the printer.

Even though the tackiness was more than adequate for me, you might even want to try those heat-resistant tapes to keep the paper aligned with the substrate. I have had the paper go through some significant curling in the past. Still, for getting started in sublimation printing with reliable sublimation paper, you could do a lot worse – just be sure to have some tape on-hand…

Best Budget Sublimation Paper: Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

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  • High transfer rate
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes and basis weight options
  • Possible bleeding or jamming

With a 98% transfer rate and an affordable price point, the Printers Jack range of sublimation paper is the best budget range on the market. Each sheet costs around 15 cents, which is why I recommend it to those on a budget.

Despite it’s affordable price, this sublimation paper boasts excellent substrate compatibility. You’ll be able to use it on nearly every possible material, from plates to phone cases. You can choose between 8.3” x 11.7”, 8.5” x 11”, 13” x 19” paper sizes, among a few other variants depending on your preferences. Printers Jack allows you to get 105 GSM, 120 GSM, and 125 GSM versions of each. The maximum temperature for any use case is 374°F (at 120 GSM).

Any higher than that, however, is where the issues arise. Bleeding is a likelihood at higher temperature ranges, which can be unfortunate for more specialist materials. For most standard applications, however, Printers Jack’s range is ideal for sublimation on a budget!

Sublimation Paper – Everything You Need to Know

Now that I have listed five of my go-to brands of sublimation paper, here is a list of what I usually consider while selecting:


Always look for a paper that’s compatible with most printers, like Epson, SawGrass, and more. And even though some brands might promise top possible performance with their own sublimation inks, nothing beats a paper that can work with other dye- or even pigment-based inks.

GSM (Paperweight)

Depending on the substrate you want the design to infuse with, you can pick sublimation papers with varying GSM or basis weights. You can start as low as 70 GSM if you are a newbie and looking for some affordable options. You can go as high as 140 GSM if you want to print hoodies and on thicker substrates.

Coating type

On closer inspection, you can find sublimation papers with either high-release or low-release coating. While the high-release sublimation papers work with thicker ink coats, the low-release ones are meant for light-colored substrates and work perefect with thinner coats.


The size of the paper you choose is important, depending on the substrate you choose. And if you like a paper better than others, it is important to see if you can get your hands on different sizes of the same, especially to get the desired surface-to-print fit. 

Apart from these factors, you also need to consider the transfer rate (higher the better), drying time (lower the better), heat resistance, brand reputation, and even the price before purchasing. 


What is basis weight?

Basis weight is the weight of the paper type, based in “grams per square meter”.

What is considered heavy paper?

Anything from 120 to 150 GSM is considered “heavy” paper, that’s generally thicker. For thicker materials such as hoodies or or bags, a heavier-GSM paper is more suitable.

Final Word

Across the range of different options, the best sublimation paper for one may not be the best for all. I hope my breakdown of my recommendations were insightful, and you now have the right materials for your next sublimation project!

For more top product recommendations, including the best heat press machines for beginners, stay tuned with my here at the Cranky Press Man!