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I want a calendar!! :) Happy New Year!!!


Can't wait to see what Cranky awesomeness arrives this year. Happy New Year!


I am from MA and mercilessly tortured my cat with my New Years' noisemaker. Does this comment count as belligerent?

Joseph Hughes

Ohio in the house!


Can't wait to see what Cranky awesomeness arrives in 2011. Georgia wishes you a Happy New Year!


I'm from GA, ps. :)

Cranky Pressman

Don't forget, you have to mention the state you are from and gotta go to the link above and send us a mailing address.

Lindsay calhoun

Sed me a calendar! Happy new yr. I'm in Alabama.

Ted at Terrapin

Letterpress is just alright with me. I'm an Engraver from NY and my
Junk is Junkier! And I'm from NYC so im Crankier!

jamie shelburne

a big howdy and happy new year from the lone star state! (texas)

Jason Early

Time to play Chicago ILs' favorite guessing game; gun shots or fireworks!


Iowa! Happy New Years!

Malinda Nichols

Happy New Year to my fave group of cranky artists! My Cranky calendar brought me much joy in 2010, and I can only hope that 2011 will be the same!

Alrighty, time to finish swigging my champagne here in Alabama!!!

Anthony Stamey

I want a calendar! North Carolina!

brian d.

happy new year from st. paul, mn


What the heck … why not, I'm not out partying. Happy New Year from Chicago, IL! Looking forward to the "letterpress crap now and then."

David P Crawford

Happy New Year! - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tom Cosma

I am in Ohio! Am I too late for a calendar?

Mary Sutter

I would like one, please! Salem, OH!


Happy New Year from Oklahoma!


Happy New Year from Sydney, Australia!

Luke dorny

Yes! Please! Pacific in Long Beach, CA!

Cranky Pressman

I know time is less important to folks like you Luke of Long Beach. But us Easterners are sticklers. Happy new year to you in just over an hour.

Cranky Pressman

And Nathan of Sydney, Australia. Where is that, somewhere near Topika?

Andrew Brozyna

Yay calendars! I'm from Colorado.

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