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The Morgue

  • Back in the day artists and designers kept files of pictures they swiped from magazines. They were called Morgues. Feel free to rummage through our found references below.
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Hey I want these coasters, is it possible to be sent a stack?!!! Great work Parliament of owls!


Hi, where can I get those featured coasters from? Many thanks.


are these for sale?

Cranky Pressman

Thanks everyone, we are glad you like the work. Right now we do these things in very limited editions and for self-promotional purposes only and not for sale. We really are just a bunch of hucksters I guess. We appreciate your interest and comments and look forward to creating more goods in the future.

Aaron O'Brien

These are too badass not to sell. If you guys ever change your mind, I'd like to order a set.


Sames. I really want to buy these! Gorgeous work :D


These turned out phenomenal! Great work :)

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